Flashback: Hollywood Sports Movies

Hollywood has taken vast pleasure in its obsession for sports. Sports films are much admired with the masses. Most of these movies are based on actual life incidents of individuals. That is possibly the reason why people can so simply relate themselves to the movie character and such a movie strikes a touching link between the audience and the character. The characters typically come from the inferior sections of the society and by pure talent in particular sports field make it big. Given below are some of classic sports movies.

Rocky I in the year 1976 was a film which rocked the nation. Although there was a series of Rocky music which followed the creative one, the original one was the best of them all. It was a small budget music videos which was concluded in a record 28 days. It was probably the most high-ranking movie in the last 30 years. The film was given three Academy Awards from its 10 nominations. The dazzling story was about a straightforward minded, working class Italian hero who was a happy nature individual. In the procedure he falls in love but at last realizes his potential.

Field of Dreams released in the year 1989 was a festival of the love of baseball. It is almost dreamlike. It was adapted from a novel “Shoeless Joe” by the director Phil Aldem Robinson. It was a sentimental, modern daydream classic which turned out to be a smash hit in its unique portrayal of America. The movie also touched upon the spiritual theme of faith and deliverance.

Lovable loser Daniel moves to California and engaged himself in a clash with a group of moped riding karate bullies.He then switched to a Japanese maintenance staff for direction and learns karate, learns about life and falls in love.He enters the competition next to the same bullies but in the semi final is wounded on a cheap shot.

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